How to Use Twitter Moments to Engage Your Audience and Grow Your Small Business

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Twitter has consistently provided businesses with innovative tools to reach and engage their audience. Among its various features, Twitter Moments stands out as a unique storytelling tool that allows brands to curate and present a collection of tweets in a slideshow format. For small businesses looking to amplify their presence, delve into storytelling, or just provide a quick recap, Moments can be a boon. But to extract maximum value from it, understanding its intricacies is pivotal.

Understanding Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments is a feature that allows users to create and curate stories using other tweets. They’re a string of related tweets put together to form a cohesive narrative. For businesses, Moments can serve as a snapshot of what the brand represents.

Tweets in a Moment are presented in a slideshow format. It provides a focused, distraction-free environment, which means users are fully immersed in the content. This immersive experience can make your brand’s story more impactful and memorable.

Crafting a Twitter Moment requires thought and precision. It’s not about just bundling random tweets together but about creating a story that resonates. Moments can be about a recent event, a new product launch, customer testimonials, or even behind-the-scenes peeks of your business.

How to Create a Twitter Moment

Creating a Twitter Moment is straightforward. Start by clicking on your profile picture, then select ‘Moments’ from the drop-down, and choose ‘Create new Moment’. Now, curate tweets that you want to include. You can pull from tweets you’ve liked, your tweets, or search for specific ones.

Once you click on “Create new Moment,” you’ll be guided through a user-friendly interface. Here, you can select tweets to add, arrange them in a particular order, choose a captivating cover image, and craft a catchy title and description. Remember, the initial impression is crucial, so take your time to decide on the most engaging cover photo and title.

A useful tip: While you can add any tweet to your Moment, it’s always beneficial to include tweets with images, GIFs, or videos. Visual content tends to draw more attention and can make your Moment more memorable to the audience.

Promoting Your Twitter Moment

Once you’ve crafted your Moment, it’s time to let the world see it. But simply creating it won’t guarantee views. Promotion is key. Start by tweeting your Moment to your followers. Pin it to the top of your profile, ensuring that anyone who visits your Twitter page sees it first.

To further amplify its reach, consider using Twitter Ads. By promoting your Moment, you can target specific demographics, locations, or even interests. This ensures that your content gets in front of the right eyes.

Additionally, leverage other social media platforms. Share your Moment on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, and encourage others to check it out. Embedding your Moment in blog posts or your website can also help in driving additional traffic and engagement.

Collaborate with Influencers

When considering maximizing your reach on Twitter, partnering with influencers can provide significant advantages. By integrating influencers into your Twitter Moments, their audience becomes privy to your content, potentially expanding your brand’s reach.

Influencers bring credibility to the table. When they share or contribute to your Twitter Moments, it acts as an endorsement of sorts. Their followers, who trust their recommendations, are more likely to engage with your content or even check out your products and services.

Before diving into collaborations, ensure you choose influencers whose values align with your brand. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about genuine engagement and relevance to your target demographic. Once you’ve identified the right influencers, brainstorm how they can best contribute to your Moments—be it through testimonials, reviews, or any other format.

Promote Events and Launches

Twitter Moments shines particularly well when used for time-bound activities. Use it to highlight the best moments from an event your business organized or attended. If there’s a product launch, curate tweets leading up to the launch, customer reactions, and post-launch reviews.

Given the episodic nature of Moments, it can serve as a dynamic storyboard. For instance, if you’re at a trade show, you can create a ‘live’ Moment, updating it periodically as the day progresses. This provides followers with real-time insights and makes them feel part of the experience.

Additionally, once the event concludes, the Moment serves as a permanent digital footprint, letting anyone revisit the highlights, long after the event has wrapped up.

Engage with User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is a goldmine for businesses. It’s genuine, free, and often resonates better with audiences than branded content. Through Twitter Moments, you can showcase tweets from your customers—be it their reviews, photos of them using your product, or any positive mentions.

Encouraging UGC isn’t just beneficial in terms of content creation. It also fosters community and strengthens the bond between the brand and its customers. When users see their content featured in your Moments, it makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Moreover, prospective customers viewing this UGC get authentic feedback about your products or services. It’s akin to word-of-mouth recommendations, which, as studies suggest, have a higher conversion rate than other forms of marketing.

Engaging with Your Audience

The beauty of Twitter Moments lies in its interactive nature. When curating content for your Moment, think beyond just broadcasting information. Aim to foster a conversation. Pose questions, encourage feedback, or launch polls to see how your audience feels about a particular topic.

As users engage with your Moment, ensure you’re actively listening. Responding to comments, retweets, or even direct messages that sprout from your Moment can deepen the bond with your audience. This form of active engagement not only boosts your brand’s visibility but also its credibility.

Lastly, always be authentic in your interactions. While it’s okay to have a structured communication strategy, don’t lose the human touch. Genuine interactions can lead to meaningful relationships with your audience, turning casual followers into brand ambassadors.

Analyzing the Impact

Like any other marketing effort, gauging the success of your Twitter Moments is crucial. Delve into Twitter’s native analytics to gather insights. How many views did your Moment garner? What was the engagement rate? Which particular slide within your Moment attracted the most attention? These are some pivotal questions to answer.

With this data at hand, small businesses can better understand what resonates with their audience. For instance, if a slide with a video testimonial garnered more attention than a product showcase, it’s a cue to focus more on user-generated content.

But don’t just rest on quantitative data. Dive deeper by initiating conversations. Ask your audience for feedback on your Moments. Their qualitative insights, coupled with analytics, can offer a comprehensive understanding, enabling you to curate even more engaging Moments in the future.

Keeping Content Fresh

The digital realm thrives on freshness. While evergreen content has its place, constantly updating your Moments with new, relevant content is essential to keep your audience coming back for more. Regular updates signify an active, attentive, and agile brand.

Plan a content calendar for your Moments. Intersperse product announcements with behind-the-scenes peeks, customer testimonials, and industry news. Such a mix ensures that your Moments cater to a broad spectrum of your audience’s interests.

While adding new content, don’t hesitate to remove slides that are outdated or no longer relevant. Curate your Moments such that they always provide value, ensuring that every view, share, or comment amplifies your brand’s messaging and ethos.

Collaborating with Others

In the world of social media, collaboration can often be the key to unlocking new audiences. Consider partnering with influencers, complementary businesses, or even loyal customers when curating your Moments. Such collaborations can lend a fresh voice and perspective to your content.

For instance, a guest takeover of your Moment by an industry influencer can pique interest and drive more eyeballs to your content. Similarly, showcasing testimonials or user-generated content from loyal customers can enhance credibility.

When collaborating, ensure that there’s a synergy in values and messaging between your brand and the collaborator. This ensures that the content remains cohesive, and the narrative is not disjointed. Embrace collaboration, but always keep the essence of your brand intact.


Twitter Moments is more than just a feature; it’s a powerful storytelling tool waiting to be harnessed. For small businesses, it offers a chance to engage deeply with the audience, showcase brand narratives, and even drive specific call-to-actions. By understanding its nuances and integrating it effectively into the broader marketing strategy, businesses can ensure they’re not just part of the noise but are creating moments that resonate.

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