The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Using Instagram Igtv

instagram IGTV

Instagram has rapidly evolved beyond just sharing photos. Its IGTV feature, a platform for vertical videos, offers businesses a unique avenue to connect deeply with their audiences. This guide aims to delve into how small businesses can maximize their engagement and growth through IGTV.

Understanding the Basics of IGTV

IGTV, an abbreviation for Instagram TV, emerged as Instagram’s answer to the growing demand for longer video content. Unlike Instagram’s main feed where video durations are capped at 60 seconds, IGTV permits content spanning up to an hour, allowing more depth and storytelling. The vertical video format is tailored primarily for smartphones, aligning with the surge of mobile-first content consumption.

While IGTV can operate as a standalone app, its tight integration with the main Instagram platform ensures that users don’t necessarily have to divert from their usual browsing habits. This seamless integration offers businesses an opportunity to easily transition their followers from short-form content to more detailed video pieces on IGTV.

Furthermore, IGTV provides an episodic approach to content. This means businesses can structure their videos in series or episodes, akin to how television programs operate. By doing so, they can create anticipation and maintain viewer consistency, enticing audiences to regularly check back for more content.

Benefits of Using IGTV for Small Businesses:

At its core, IGTV serves as an excellent platform for small businesses due to several compelling reasons. First and foremost, it’s free. With no initial costs, businesses can tap into a global audience, promoting their products, services, or even just sharing their brand story.

In the vast sea of online content, standing out becomes increasingly challenging. IGTV, being a newer platform, offers slightly less competition than traditional video platforms. This grants small businesses a better shot at capturing their audience’s attention and presenting their unique value proposition.

The symbiotic relationship between IGTV and other Instagram features is also noteworthy. Businesses can harness stories, posts, and even ads to direct their followers to their IGTV content. This interconnected ecosystem ensures a continuity in brand messaging and engagement across different content formats.

Creating Engaging IGTV Content

When crafting content for IGTV, understanding the audience is paramount. This doesn’t merely involve knowing their demographics but delving deeper into their preferences, pain points, and aspirations. Once these factors are clear, content can be molded to resonate better, ensuring higher engagement.

Although IGTV tends to be more informal than some professional video platforms, it doesn’t negate the need for quality. Even with a limited budget, businesses can elevate their content by ensuring clear audio, stable visuals, and effective lighting. It’s often these subtle enhancements that transform a good video into a great one.

Storytelling remains a potent tool on any platform, and IGTV is no exception. A narrative-driven approach, be it through product demonstrations, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or customer testimonials, can hold viewers’ attention and make the content memorable. Essentially, it’s not just about showcasing a product but narrating the story behind it.

Promoting Your IGTV Videos

Creating stellar content is just half the battle; ensuring it reaches the target audience is equally, if not more, essential. An integrated promotion strategy that leverages the entirety of the Instagram ecosystem, from stories to posts, can drive substantial traffic towards IGTV videos.

Moreover, don’t confine the promotion to just Instagram. Cross-promoting IGTV content on other social platforms, email newsletters, or even a company’s website can expand its reach. Such an omnichannel approach ensures that irrespective of where the target audience spends their time, they have an opportunity to encounter the content.

Collaborations can also amplify reach. By partnering with influencers, other businesses, or even hosting guest episodes, businesses can tap into external audiences. These collaborations not only boost visibility but also add fresh perspectives and content variations, keeping the audience engaged.

Optimizing IGTV for Search and Discovery:

Searchability is crucial in the digital realm. To bolster the discoverability of IGTV content, businesses should pay heed to crafting compelling titles infused with relevant keywords. These titles should capture the essence of the video and pique viewers’ interest.

Engagement plays a pivotal role in content discoverability on platforms like Instagram. By fostering discussions, responding to comments, and encouraging shares, businesses can elevate their engagement metrics. Higher engagement often correlates with better visibility, especially in areas like the ‘Explore’ section of Instagram.

The judicious use of hashtags can further boost discoverability. Hashtags act as content aggregators, collating videos around specific themes or topics. By incorporating relevant and trending hashtags, businesses can make their content easily accessible to audiences interested in those particular subjects.

Monetizing IGTV Content

Financial sustainability is crucial for any content creation endeavor. Thankfully, Instagram recognizes this and has integrated monetization options for IGTV. With IGTV ads, content creators can earn a share of the revenue generated from the ads showcased before their videos.

Another direct method of monetization is through partnerships and sponsorships. Brands often collaborate with businesses, especially those with a considerable following, to promote their products or services. This collaboration can be in the form of dedicated review videos, product placements, or even subtle mentions.

Affiliate marketing offers another avenue for revenue generation. By promoting products and providing affiliate links, businesses can earn commissions on sales driven through their IGTV content. This method works exceptionally well for product review or demonstration videos, where viewers can see the product in action and then decide to purchase.

Understanding IGTV Analytics

To refine and evolve the content strategy, understanding IGTV analytics is essential. These metrics shed light on various facets, such as viewer retention, engagement rates, and audience demographics.

Viewer retention highlights the percentage of the video watched by viewers. If retention rates are low, it might indicate that the content isn’t captivating enough or doesn’t resonate well with the audience. Engagement metrics, on the other hand, encompass likes, comments, shares, and saves, offering a holistic view of how well the audience is interacting with the content.

Demographics are particularly insightful for businesses targeting specific age groups, regions, or genders. By knowing who predominantly watches their content, businesses can tailor future videos to better appeal to that demographic, ensuring higher resonance and engagement.

Integrating IGTV with Other Marketing Efforts

IGTV should be viewed as a cog in the broader marketing machinery. Its integration with overarching marketing strategies can amplify its effectiveness manifold. For instance, launching a new product can be complemented by in-depth IGTV videos, offering audiences a comprehensive view.

Cross-promotion remains a powerful strategy. By intertwining IGTV content with email marketing campaigns or utilizing it as an extension for webinars,

businesses can weave a cohesive narrative across various platforms. This synergy ensures that irrespective of where the audience interacts with the brand, they receive a consistent and enriched experience.

Staying Abreast with IGTV Evolutions

Instagram’s dynamic nature means that it continually evolves, bringing forth new tools and features. Staying abreast of these changes can offer businesses a competitive edge, enabling them to harness fresh functionalities before their competitors.

Beyond just features, understanding shifting digital trends is paramount. Observing the IGTV community and recognizing trending content types or presentation styles can provide businesses with invaluable insights. By aligning with these trends, businesses can remain relevant and appealing to their audiences.

Furthermore, being an early adopter of new features can position a business as an innovator in their field. This proactive approach not only aids in capturing the audience’s attention but also establishes a brand’s authority and forward-thinking mentality.


IGTV, with its unique vertical video format and integration with Instagram, offers a goldmine of opportunities for small businesses. From deepening engagement to driving business growth, its potential is vast. By crafting genuine content, staying updated with platform evolutions, and integrating IGTV into broader marketing strategies, small businesses can truly harness its power.

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